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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Thank You very much for all your help and encouragement throughout the tour. As it was a grassroots venture, I relied on the goodwill of so many people who provided home hospitality, contacts, arranged meetings, and even chauffeured me to meetings. The spirit of mutuality is still very evident in Britain. Maya Shah volunteered and travelled with me throughout the tour, filming, editing and uploading - I am most grateful to her. We should have nearly 80 different You Tube films and true stories by the time we have finished editing and uploading.

Below are the key findings of the tour, which you are welcome to circulate to friends and contacts.

1.       Britain is the live global experiment of the merging of the East and the West, and the timeless wisdom of India is alive and vibrant among Indians living in 21st century Britain. This is a miracle and worthy of celebration. We met many English people drawing from Indian wisdom in their work and lifestyle.

2.       The results of this experiment and the peaceful co-existence of the two cultures has both local and global ramifications. For example, the vegetarian food culture of India has trickled into the mainstream of Britain and so has Yoga, the holistic health system. The positive mental health of the Indian community in Britain is a huge symbol of hope for the nation.

3.       Diversity and Equality begin with bio-diversity and should move away from anthropocentrism - the obsession with humanity. Indians have a deep respect and awe of nature and if we all respect nature not as ‘other’ but as a part of us, then we will learn from it and reduce our anxiety about one another as humans. The world needs to embrace a spiritual respect for nature, if it is to sustain itself.

4.       Vasudhaiva Kutumbukam – the whole world is my family, is very much in evidence in Indian hospitality and values. As Indians instinctively embrace and befriend difference, lasting relationships are built to the happiness of all. We must fight to protect family values.

5.       There is no boundary between Individual, Family and Community. Each fuses into the other, and each is therefore worthy of preservation and protection.

6.       Young Indo-Brits have a borderless mind, as they are brought up in two very different cultures, and are themselves, fused souls. The leadership they are already giving Britain is outstanding and very, very, timely.

7.       Business Ethics become a natural manifestation if there is a conscience and a sense of social duty and collective responsibility in the mind of the entrepreneur. For cultured Indians, business ethics is not a separate activity or department.

8.       The West need not fear the East, especially Indian wisdom and culture, as at its essence is a sense of humility and respect for all and a peaceful approach to life. Indians in Britain are very very grateful for British culture, education and professionalism and keen to help take this to new heights.

9.       Indian hospitality and openness are legendary and being lived everywhere in Britain – I experienced this in the homes I stayed in, where food was always abundant and shared with joy. This respect for visitors helps cultivate lasting relationships and success in all aspects of life. It is a small sacrifice for a much larger return.

10.   The word for religion is ‘dharma’ which is the science of sustainable living. I saw dharma playing a key influence in the practical lives of the leaders I met, especially in terms of their values and ethics, and none of them wanted to convert others – often, it was personal and private.

Going Forward - How You Can Help

The You Tube Masala Tour channel is hear to stay. These stories will flow widely and continue to inspire. I am hoping that a whole TV documentary series will be inspired by the Masala Tour. Kindly forward the link to this channel to your friends and contacts, as they will be really thankful for the interviews and insights that have come through.

Look out for the book - I am looking for sponsors to publish and distribute it widely - as it is your story, you will be the beneficiaries. And as society will improve with the rich ideas and wisdoms, the benefits will travel to future generations.

As I have only scratched the surface of Masala Britain, and know how much excellent work is happening all around, the filming and editing is likely to continue into the future on this channel, funds permitting. In the meantime, you are welcome to shout your own story on the website.

The most important message of the tour is - keep up your excellent work in building a better world, and do make some time to share it with others as we have the power to create our own media now.

Dr. Atul K. Shah

Article added on 25th November 2010 at 8:52am
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