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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Every single day, whatever the weather, the RSPCA and its unique team of inspectors are creating a better place for all of us – people and animals – year in, year out. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we are going to continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals for as long as we are needed.


At the welfare front line

The RSPCA’s inspectors and animal collection officers (ACOs) are our frontline men and women who work around the clock, whatever the weather in England and Wales championing animal welfare. They are our backbone – without them tens of thousands of animals would suffer each and every year. Our inspectors and ACOs, along with the inspectors’ training school and the Special Operations Unit (our team of undercover inspectors who investigate illegal acts of animal cruelty), make up the RSPCA’s inspectorate.


Based on sound science

We base our animal welfare stance on care and compassion, but we rely on sound science to inform our decision making, formulate our policies, define our strategies, and promote change for the improvement of animal welfare. Our science group is made up of four specialist departments: companion animals, farm animals, research animals and wild animals. Its mission is to provide and utilise comprehensive, reliable and well-researched scientific and technical information on all aspects of animal welfare.


Your local RSPCA at work 

There are about 170 branches of the RSPCA across England and Wales run by volunteers who are unstinting in their work for animal welfare. Each branch operates at a local level by offering advice, microchipping, neutering and subsidised treatments, as well as rehoming animals taken in through their clinics, animal centres and boarding and fostering facilities.

Campaigning and parliamentary

As well as running dedicated animal welfare campaigns each year covering topics as diverse as fireworks and laying hens, we work closely with decision makers and representatives from local authorities, Westminster, the National Assembly for Wales and the European Parliament to keep animal welfare on the political agenda.

Hands-on work behind the scenes

A huge part of our work is the hands-on care of animals. Our animal hospitals, clinics and branches treat more than 217,000 animals every year, providing care for pets belonging to people who cannot afford private veterinary treatment. Our animal centres and branches gave 70,000 animals a second chance of a new home and life in 2009.

Our Freedom Food scheme 

Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme. It is the only scheme of its kind dedicated to improving welfare standards for the 900 million plus farm animals reared for food each year in the UK. All farm hauliers and abattoirs in the scheme are inspected to strict RSPCA welfare standards, which cover each stage of an animal’s life, including handling the animals and their transportation.

Helping animals worldwide

We are one of the main animal welfare organisations helping to promote the humane treatment of animals overseas. Our overseas team, RSPCA International, advises on animal welfare legislation, responds to appeals for help following natural disasters by sending trained people, equipment and drugs, and offers help through training and aid to improve animal welfare standards where funds and resources are minimal.

Working with all communities

To improve animal welfare we need to work more closely with all communities especially those from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  This is why programmes such as the Masala Tour are invaluable to help us communicate with those audiences that historically we have not focused on. Supporting the Tour also helps us in our efforts to become more inclusive and to improve understanding of the relevance and importance of animal welfare.  

Watch Masala Tour Videos on RSPCA

There are three different videos talking about the work of the RSPCA which were shot during the Masala Tour. You can view them by clicking the links below:

Inspector Herschy Boal in Birmingham

About the RSPCA and its Community Engagement

A Hindu Vet, Jaimin Patel, complimenting the work of RSPCA

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