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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Creative intelligence is key to coping with a recession. Fresh ideas, diverse thinking, new markets, are all ways of ensuring that your organisation can build resilience and also embrace change, and turn hardship into opportunity.

Ask why it is that so many businesses are doing so well in spite of the recession? Because they are hungry for opportunity and keen to take good ideas wherever they may come from. They are creative, and also have a strong record of keeping costs down, so they tend to be very lean, with few overheads and significant cash-flows. Also the ethics and values of family-owned businesses make them resilient - everyone becomes part of the extended family. So do not compromise your values in a recession.

This is the time to invest in diversity awareness and consultancy, and not divest in it. There is significant growth in India and China, but actually, China and India are also here in the UK, not just there. What is your organisation doing to link up with the UK communities? Can you think outside the box about achieving winning ideas and strategies? Are your leaders capable of thinking outside the box, and seeing new and challenging opportunities? Are your teams motivated to make the most of any opportunity? Are your employees fully engaged with your corporate goals and ambitions?

Cultures and communities are complex, hence quality expert help is needed. Diverse Ethics can help you by providing bespoke expert consultancy and training to make these transformation. We are simply a phone call away.