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Saturday, 24th February 2024



Equality is a complex legal area, where there is a big cost in terms of time, reputation loss and money, to be paid for getting it wrong especially after the Equality Act 2010 (see Microsoft example here). The rate of employee tribunals and discrimination claims is soaring. It is therefore much better to take pro-active and preventative action. At the same time, the benefits of true equality and inclusion are huge and can enhance productivity, performance and innovation with limitless benefits to the employer. The Equality Act encourages organisations to have a holistic and inclusive approach, something which will provide significant benefits in a sustainable way.

Diverse Ethics is a leading advisor on these matters, with a range of prominent clients and testimonials to our credit. Dr. Atul K. Shah, the founder, is an active writer and blogger, having authored the highly acclaimed book ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and completed the ‘Epic Masala Tour of Britain’ and founded the outstanding web portal diverseethics.com . His forthcoming books include Boardroom Diversity and Masala Britain. He is personally available to act as an advisor to companies. Also the Diverse Ethics team is exceptionally talented in these areas. The services Diverse Ethics can provide include:

  • Support existing staff and initiatives with advice, contacts and creative solutions
  • Be available to answer any short-term problems and queries
  • Help review communications processes to ensure they are diverse and inclusive
  • Train executives to harness the full positive benefits of equality and diversity by providing leadership
  • Help organisations to adopt sustainable solutions rather than knee-jerk or politically correct responses
  • An external professional can provide an independent perspective with fresh ideas and best practice.
  • Enable and support the creation of positive and inclusive cultures

Dr. Atul K. Shah, CEO Diverse Ethics at the launch of the highly acclaimed book 'Celebrating Diversity' which introduces a unique framework for practicing equality

Here are some client testimonials for our work:


We have worked with Diverse Ethics for over four years, and benefited significantly from the multiple services, training, advice, contacts and counsel of Dr. Atul K. Shah and Umesh Parekh.

David Bowles, Director of Communications, RSPCA


We benefited significantly from the professionalism, guidance and services of Diverse Ethics in the area of community engagement.

Jan Nottingham, Appointments Commission


As member of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council Board, Dr. Atul Shah provided very important strategic advice on a range of critical issues and helped improve the Executives understanding and prioritisation for equality.

Hedley Swain, Director, MLA


"Atul is a thinker, writer and speaker of rare distinction. He has a proven track record for solving complex problems and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop innovative solutions.”

Professor Prem Sikka, University of Essex



Practical ways in which we can deliver the advice include:

  1. An annual contract, with a minimum number of consultancy days per month allocated to the client – this would include attendance at key meetings and commenting on strategies and reports
  2. An occasional strategy review and audit, which can include areas such as Human Resources, Management, Leadership and Marketing and Communications
  3. A training advisory contract to ensure employees have minimum knowledge and comply with the Equality Act to avoid embarrassing claims
  4. An independent review of Human Resources - promotion, recruitment, progression and retention policies to ensure they are consistent with fairness and equality.
  5. Improving Cultural Intelligence within the organisation through awareness raising events such as Diversity Week and Training
  6. Conducting a Diversity Audit of activities and stakeholders in the organisation to assess how Equality can be practiced for the benefit of the whole organisation