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Saturday, 24th February 2024


"This is a must read for anyone that has a desire to be open-minded. It's a great check-list to ensure we are all inclusive and forward thinking in our ways. Written in the first person, Dr Shah makes this subject insightful and engaging."
Raoul Shah, CEO, Exposure Ltd.

"This is a book from the heart which should be read carefully and thoughtfully. Dr Shah writes without reserve, enabling the attentive reader to appreciate the significance of his world view and to consider its implications for personal and public life. This is also a book based on experience which offers many practical examples of how we can all benefit if we cease to function "skin-deep" and positively embrace diversity."
Cynthia Capey, East of England Faiths Agency

"A timely and fearless message. Contains excellent practical examples of how each of us can become more respectful of difference"
Vijay Thakrar, Ernst & Young LLP

"This book is a timely, articulate and thought provoking contribution to this highly topical debate. Atul Shah makes a clear, enlightening and powerful case for embracing and celebrating diversity in all of its forms."
Mike Waldron, Faith Regen Foundation

"It is becoming ever more important to release the wasted talent and unrealised potential of so many of our citizens. 'Celebrating Diversity' provides plentiful insights and a rich range of challenge to the status quo that should provoke valuable debate about how both individuals and organisations can find their own routes to embracing the benefits of our society's diversity."
Keith Faulkner, CBE

"Practical, illuminating and very helpful."
Lord Herman Ouseley

"An ideal corporate gift for employees, customers and suppliers - I have already ordered 25 copies."
Satish Kanabar, Barclays

Celebrating Diversity is a "must read" for students, adults and anyone who wishes to understand and benefit from "Great Diverse Britain".
Eammon Gray, Essex Libraries