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Wednesday, 29th November 2023

Review by Porfessor Chriss Mullard CBE

The whole world of diversity management and ‘the celebration of diversity' in particular tends to lack any philosophical, creative, humanitarian and firm material underpinning. Consultants, trainers and, perhaps surprisingly, even academics in the field often seek a rationale for their interventions and study in welfare, legal compliance, morality and crudely expressed business case concerns.

Atul K Shah, on the other hand, in Celebrating Diversity, introduces a completely new dimension to what has become a legal as well as a social imperative in global society. His answer to his own question of ‘how to enjoy, respect and benefit from Great Coloured Britain' is firmly anchored in a philosophical tradition and creative humanitarianism which is both practical and challenging. Appreciating no real disconnections between the spiritual and the secular, if humanity is defined in terms of sameness (essentially indivisibility and equality), diversity then becomes the norm: actually not only is it necessary for the survival of all aspects of society but, even more importantly, the understanding and practising of it represents a precondition for the acceptance of ourselves as individuals (identity) and, as conscious and socially responsible individuals, ourselves as moral and spiritual forces for change, improvement and the making of differences that matter.

Inspired by such philosophical humanitarianism and based on the experience of both being an East African Indian and a practising Jain in ‘Coloured Britain', Atul K Shah has written an insightful, creative and practically-oriented book which should be read, digested and acted upon by all who wish to make a difference and create a new kind of Britain - one in which all of us from different backgrounds will be able to share in and profit from in all senses a common future.


Professor Chris Mullard, CBE