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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Press Release - Release Date 13th October 2006

What do you get when you mix various cultures, leadership experts and bring them together at a beautiful new oasis of hope in Central London? A new vision for the future which respects, integrates and empowers each and every person.

This is what resulted at a seminar at St. Ethelburgas in London on the subject of Leadership, Faith and Diversity. Speakers Shilpa Unalkat (www.staflow.com) and Lynne Sedgmore (www.centreforexcellence.org.uk) brought together their unique experience of working with and coaching leaders from the commercial and public sector to inspire the audience. Leaders from all over London and afar came together to discuss and debate the future direction of leadership. There was an optimism about the future, an acknowledgment of the uncertainty, and a commitment to wholeness and holistic approaches to leadership. Chair and organiser of the seminar Dr. Atul Shah, Chief Executive of Diverse Ethics (www.diverseethics.com), explained at the end: "No longer is leadership based on command and control sustainable in this day and age. Each and every worker needs to be respected and given space to share and participate in the whole organisation." Drs. David and Cynthia Capey, Leaders of Suffolk Inter-Faith and inventors of a major new game on Diversity explained that there is a very rich resource of diversity which already exists within workplaces, but it is untapped because nobody talks about faith.

St. Ethelburgas is a unique new Centre for Peace and Reconciliation a few minutes walk from Liverpool St. station and in the very heart of the City. Regular and inspiring events of this type are held there which are open to all - for details visit www.stethelburgas.org

For more information, contact Justine: justine@stethelburgas.org

Article added on 16th October 2006 at 12:00am
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