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Wednesday, 29th November 2023



The first thing that Mickell said to me when we met was 'All is all in all'. This sounds a bit mysterious, but the way he said it, and the peaceful aura that he radiated made me want to discover more about his life and mission. Mickell said to me that he became a father at 17 yrs old, and it was through his children that he really woke up to the world of responsibility and compassion. He became interested in Martial Arts and started practicing this, to become a national champion. Although his origins are Jamaican, he is not afraid to draw from the best wisdoms of the world and learn from them with an open mind. And those who understand this Art will know that it is not about fighting about sharpening the inner peace - being connected to one's soul. For Mickell to achieve such milestones at such a young age cannot have been easy. And he is now determined to take his journey forward
 by wanting to transform the lives of children and young people to encourage them to have a peaceful mind. To me, Mickell oozes respect, and he needs to get in contact with more people so that this ripple flows ever wider.
  The world needs more Mickell's. We need young people who are committed to peace and compassion, and teaching it to transform the lives of other young people. Mickell never got life served to him on a plate - he had to work hard for it, and still does. In fact, to meet his family responsibilities, he is working as a postman. Society needs to welcome the passion of people
  like Mickell and support them - we will all benefit from this.
About Mickell:

From a young age I have done one form or another of martial arts. My first venture into martial arts was when I became a member of the All Stars boxing gym in Paddington London at age 11years, Then in 2000 I began training at Shaolin Temple UK after reading the Science Of Healing and The Mind by  H.E. Dr Malachi kiobina ocran, I knew I needed to find a real Gong Fu Master and nature sent two, Shifu Shi Yanzi and Shifu Shi Yan Lei. British born, my origins are Jamaican,but my spiritual roots take me back to africa and it's wisdoms where I first noticed the similarity of world cultures and wisdoms.

Article added on 16th September 2010 at 8:39pm
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