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Wednesday, 29th November 2023


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What made you start diverseethics.com?

 I am committed to harmony in the workplace. I want people to be happy, motivated and also ethical. There is a real gap in wisdom about how this can be done - most of the ideas and behaviours stem from western culture and attitudes to work. Also, ethnic professionals who are often very talented get shortchanged by British work culture and get frustrated. I want to open up the pathways so that my children have a better future. The internet is a powerful technology for connecting people and ideas - hence this platform.

I have the expertise to deliver something of value - in communication, social science (PhD from London School of Economics) , writer (Celebrating Diversity), social inventor - and thirty years of living and working in Britain, combined with international travel and work experience.

How will this site change things?

It will give people good, positive ideas drawn not just from the laboratory, but also from the wisdoms of the timeless cultures and values of the world. It will help people to be accepted in the workplace for who they are and what they believe - they no longer have to hide their identity. It will improve creativity and innovation at work, and reduce stress and discrimination. Large organisations will begin to unlock some real talents that they have which they did not recognise or acknowledge before.

Why are you targeting ethnic professionals?

This is a group which is highly talented, ambitious and resourceful, but divided and thinly spread out (by definition). Also this group encounters a lot of discrimination at work. The highest number of race tribunals in Britain were in 2009. There is something seriously going wrong here. Also, this group does not have a voice, inspite of the huge talent and resourcefulness they bring. This site will change this, but I do need the support of ethnic professionals. They should take an active interest in this portal and help to make it work and reach far and wide. Their own future and that of their children depends on it.

How can business and employers benefit from this site?

In several ways. They will get unique ideas and be able to become thought leaders in this area. They will be able to get real about diversity and find practical ways of doing so. They will reduce their employee recruitment and retention costs by respecting their identity and motivating them. Leaders can find true stories and real inspiration from this site. We can run campaigns for them to reach ethnic professionals and encourage them to apply to their companies. Our bespoke consulting advice is first rate and highly beneficial for organisations who want to profit from diversity.

Where do you see this portal in five years time?

I see it influencing the media and public debate in Britain about jobs, professions and careers. I see HR organisations like the CIPD getting real about ethnic diversity and embracing it in spirit and substance - this profession needs to change very urgently as it is sometimes a bottleneck to progress in this area. I see a more ethical and inclusive workplace, where leaders and managers are not afraid to be challenged, and tap into wisdoms from different cultures in their work practices and ethics. Above all, I see more colour in senior management in Britain, where ethnic professionals get the rightful place they deserve.




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