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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Atul Shah speaks to innovative web-entrepreneur Karin Ridgers of WWW.VEGGIEVISION.TV about her website and what it can do for your good health and eternal happiness!

What is Veggie Vision about?

 VeggieVision addresses the fact that there are no veggie friendly TV programmes on TV. We show positive, fun and informative programmes that are filmed in house and from suitable contributors too. Our cookery section is developing very well with celebrity chefs on board as well.

 VeggieVision TV is an internet TV station showing short film clips 24/7. Ideal for viewers that would like to know more about healthy options. We are attracting viewers and presenters worldwide which is very exciting!

Wow, this is very practical and relevant for today’s health and environmental problems. You are giving priceless leadership with this work. How can people benefit from Veggie Vision?

 Thank you so much Atul and from you this is appreciated. We would love for our viewers to be entertained and laugh too!

 Also we listen to our viewers and when they asked to meet like minded people we set up www.VeggieVisionDating.com and knowing that viewers love to save and earn £’s we also set up www.VeggieVisionCashback.com.

We want likeminded people to feel connected and entertained with cookery programmes and more that are suitable for their lifestyles.

 If companies wish to target vegetarian products and customers, how can they benefit from Veggie Vision? Can you make bespoke videos for them?

 Yes we can and more than happy to discuss further. With TV advertising out of reach for most small, ethical, green and veggie companies we are passionate about developing an option that means that they can get their message across and reach our viewers. Viewers who are passionate about their lifestyle and are loyal supporters to the companies that cater for their needs.

 How can they contact you?

 Just dropping me an email is best.

Article added on 4th July 2011 at 7:28pm