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Saturday, 24th February 2024


 Culture intelligence means understanding what drives and motivates people, opening new ideas, opportunities and markets.

The world is changing very fast, and to cope with this change, having a diverse workforce helps in several ways. However, this can only be achieved by making diversity a key part of a pro-active strategy. Here are reasons why:

  • It is better to have the world inside your organisation than outside it
  • Culture is complex, knowing its nuances and strengths is key to global trade. Having people of culture inside the organisation really helps to deal with the complexities quickly and effectively.
  • There is a tendency to hire those who think, look and act in a similar way. This may create temporary safety, but it will also lead to lasting failure. Growth and development comes through critique.
  • Creativity and innovation are rooted in culture and aesthetic values. By allowing cultures to flourish, you create a fountain of creative bubbles and sparks inside the organisation.
  • Be wary of those who look different, but are really the same in beliefs and values. This is cosmetic surgery in diversity, rather than a true changing of thinking and conscience.
  • Energy, passion and drive vary from individual to individual. By having a mono-cultural workforce, you are limiting the pool of choice.
  • Supplier diversity and customer diversity is key to diversifying your risks and opportunities, and helping the organisation cope with the ebbs and flows of economic performance.
  • Cultures have specific in-built skills and traits which are much more powerful than any educational qualification or MBA. By denying this or not valuing it, you are diminishing a powerhouse of skill and competence for your organisation.

Article added on 23rd December 2009 at 10:28am