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Saturday, 24th February 2024

Culture Tours

The best way to understand culture is not in the classroom but in the community. We organised guided tours to outstanding cultural hotspots, which enable participants to experience diversity first hand and to see the huge possibilities it opens for their minds, hearts and organisation. Below is an image from one such tour in Southall, where we visited the Sikh Gurudwara and also the local shops and neighbourhood to experience the diverse communities and shops that exist in this very urban landscape of West London:

Culture Tours - Diverse Ethics

We have taken people to Hindu, Sikh and Jain temples and to Inter-Faith Centres in Britain. Here are some testimonials:

" A wonderful experience which I will cherish for a long time, " Martin Rayson, Head of HR Strategy, Essex County Council

" A multi-dimensional experience which is at once creative, thought-provoking, inspiring and uplifting." John Drummond, Chief Executive, Corporate Culture

" These communities enrich the very soul of Britain and bring ancient treasures of wisdom which can enrich all organisations." Lynne Sedgmore, CBE, Chief Executive, Centre for Excellence in Leadership 

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