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Wednesday, 29th November 2023


This excellent research report by The Work Foundation is a comprehensive account of the wide range of issues that diversity influences, and the tangible and intangible benefits of an inclusive workplace. It has some real-life case studies, and openly admits that it is not always easy to measure the bottom-line impact of diversity, but that does not mean it is not beneficial or critical. In particular, it strongly emphasises the importance of leadership and the need for leaders to set an example and not just write equality policies. The word 'pluralism' is used several times, and shows that the mind-set of employers needs to be open and inclusive, and this is a critical factor to success. There is also a toolkit to help organisations evaluate where they are at present, and to negotiate a pathway to change in the future. Pro-active diversity requires a holistic approach which would need to involve a wide range of people and departments in the organisation.

The report demonstrates that this is a complex area, and requires a multi-level organisational engagement - so it is not just about Human Resources, but should also include communications, marketing, employee engagement, and a generally open and welcoming work culture which recognises that each individual is different and should be respected for being so, and not 'forced' to fit in.

You can read the report in detail by clicking on the Resources link below. Diverse Ethics can help you implement the recommendations for your organisation.

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