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Saturday, 24th February 2024


There is a big push by the UK government to ensure that there is real equality in employment and services by all public bodies and departments. As a result, targets have been set, including targets for managers and Directors, and this has created a whole new world of opportunity for people from diverse cultures. The advantages of these jobs are that they are well paid, have good levels of security and satisfaction, and they are sometimes the only major employers in certain areas e.g. arts, museums, medicine, foreign policy, international trade and development, education and learning, police and security, science and innovation, courts and justice, defence.... the list goes on.

Private sector employers also have to be very careful about their policies for recruitment and promotion. They can no longer hide behind equality policy statements which are just that - words, rather than actions. There is a huge rise in race discrimination employment tribunals in this country and these are very messy and costly for the organisation. The best way to avoid these is to be really diverse in spirit as well as action.

Just like there are walls and boundaries between countries, there are also walls and boundaries between organisations and careers. And as ethnic minorities often come from countries whose public sector is not very sophisticated, they are unaware of the huge range of quite good quality work and opportunities that the British public sector provides. Most employers like hard-working, sincere and intelligent employees who have initiative and are versatile and dependable. Ethnic minorities have a huge track record of this, but often do not get the credit they deserve. In fact, the new generations of young graduates coming out of British Universities are very very well educated, and given the right opportunities, can help shape a fantastic future for this country. They are British and need to be accepted as such.

Diverse Ethics is going to continue to profile organisations who are keen to embrace diversity in this section, after vetting their real intentions and aspirations. We will write about them, the work opportunities they offer, and encourage minorities like you to break the walls and open new pathways of equality and opportunities. Here, your difference will be respected and allowed, rather than suppressed and submerged. If your organisation wants to be profiled in this way, we will develop a bespoke package, and come and write about it and use this portal to attract a quality profile and quality applicants for careers.

To seek your organisational profile, contact our Chief Executive, Dr. Atul Shah on 07804 294903 or email: atul(@)diverseethics.com

Article added on 11th December 2009 at 9:25am