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Saturday, 24th February 2024



When we see suffering and pain, we often feel helpless – perhaps we switch the channel, or make a small donation. Rarely do we have the courage to do something practical ourselves – and go out there and make a difference with our own hands.

Mrs. Tara Rajni Shah from London was moved 25 years ago by the suffering in her own state of Gujarat in India, and decided to go there. She did not sit and calculate the challenges or hurdles – she went on instinct, and out of love and compassion.

Ever since that first step, Tara has not stopped. She has involved her whole family, and personally gone there every year – to help what she calls ‘her extended family’. This film below is a summary of her courage, determination and genuine compassion over those twenty-five years, and on the even of International Women’s Day (7th March 2014), I would like to nominate her as a rare and genuine Global Woman of Courage and Compassion.

The film shows the hardships she faced, the depth of the poverty, the dignity and respect with which Tara helped them and supported them, and the breadth of her compassion. Children, elders, women, disabled … none escaped her love and attention. She did not stop at anything – even the animals in the villages were treated and fed. Born in a Jain family, Tara had embraced equality for all living beings, and even in December 2013, she created a big open-air hospital to help the animals in rural Gujarat.

Recently, this film was shown to members of her community in the town of Jamnagar in Gujarat, and everyone was in tears. They could not believe that someone living thousands of miles away could care so much for her homeland, and go through so much trouble to ensure that her help reached the needy wherever they lived.

The story give us all hope. It shows us that we too can do something if we wish to. And in caring and sharing, we discover lasting purpose and meaning in life – something which few jobs and professions can give us today.

We encourage you to watch and share this film, and also to show it in schools and community centres all over the world – it is truly inspiring.


Article added on 28th January 2014 at 8:39pm