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Wednesday, 29th November 2023


 When an organisation has a clear set of values, it helps to guide the decision making, and to encourage employees through consistency in the conduct and character of the organisation. These are critical for all organisations, but especially so for those in the service industry where people are the main asset and 'product'.

The purpose of the values is to create uniformity. However, diversity can be a part of this uniformity and not separate from it. The charter can draw upon the different beliefs and faiths of the workforce to emphasise particular aspects of its values. For example, it could say:

Just as the Sikhs attach a fundamental value to the giving and sharing of food, we also believe that at mealtimes, food should be shared, and have a policy of free lunches for all our staff, encouraging them to eat healthy nourishing food, and connect with one another on a basis of equality.

Statements like these draw on the richness of different cultures, enriching the whole organisation. They show the diversity, rather than the active promotion of uniformity. Even conformity is enriched by the diversity here.

We at Diverse Ethics can help screen your organisational value statements, and also help you develop a value statement from scratch, to clarify the mission of your organisation and ensure the language is inclusive.

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