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Wednesday, 29th November 2023


 Embracing Diversity means connecting wholes and not splitting parts or dividing and categorising people. Only then will it be sustainable.

At Diverse Ethics, we have talked to a large number of organisations and seen the ways in which they attempt to embrace diversity in the workplace. The reality in Britain has been that even where resources are devoted to this task, and staff are hired to 'supervise' diversity, all too often, the efforts are cosmetic, designed to write up strategies and policy documents, without making any real or lasting changes. Sometimes, the intentions of the staff are very good, but they are paralysed by a lack of resources or leadership and strategic support for the work they do.

At the same time, the big word in business and public organisations is 'sustainability'. Change must have a lasting impact. It must be real, not superficial. It should be in harmony with nature, not just the organisation and its selfish priorities.

Hello - what about sustainable diversity? Clearly nature has no problem with difference, and lives harmoniously with it. Why not use these principles to enlighten our own organisation? If diversity actions and exercises are sustainable, they should:

  • lead to an organisation where people are valued and respected for who they are
  • work and services are non-discriminatory
  • products and marketing are designed to respect difference rather than ignore it or suppress it
  • leaders walk the talk of diversity and equality
  • wisdom and good ideas are actively sought from different cultures and identities and allowed to trickle through the organisation
  • faith and spirituality is allowed and respected
  • special efforts are made to help the weak and the marginal to find work and make a difference through work
  • greed should be replaced by contentment and respect
  • fear of diversity should be replaced by love and tolerance
  • work should be seen as an extension of family and community life rather than a break from it


Article added on 16th December 2009 at 9:48am
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