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Saturday, 24th February 2024


Purpose and shared value are some of the most important new drivers of business in the 21st century, according to reknown business guru Prof. Michael Porter at Harvard University. In a recent broadcast on Radio 4's award-winning programme, In Business, Porter argues that there is a shift in thinking and purpose happening among the new younger generation - they want to be engaged in something which makes a difference and has meaning behind it. He explained that social enterprises are highly innovative and a key to where companies are moving in the future - where their business model recognises social responsibility as a core activity and not a fringe by-line called CSR. He also emphasised a new focus on 'creating shared value' as a fundamental imperative for business. The old paradigm of profit-maximisation at any cost, is no longer sustainable and will not create the lasting and successful companies of the future.

Diverse Ethics is a social enterprise driven precisely by this sense of purpose and meaning. It provides free advice, guidance and examples through its exceptional web portal diverseethics.com which has got hundreds of articles and interviews on how diversity and ethics can make a difference, here and now.  We recognise the deep chasm in business and organisations in relation to equality and inclusiveness, especially in the area of cultural diversity. We use our work and consultancy to help businesses see the huge advantage of diversity, and thereby to embrace it positively within the core structure of the organisation. Our aim is to create shared value, by helping people and organisations benefit from changing their ethos and values, and recognising the inter-dependence of society and the world. In short, we are the kind of model organisation which Porter envisages will thrive in the future.

Our experience so far has been that  many people (see our team) want to work with us and help organisations to understand and shift their horizons. They are drawn by our meaning and values, and the clarity of our vision and direction. Also clients who have benefited from our services have been hugely grateful for the quality of the delivery and the difference it is making to them. View our  client testimonials to see the evidence for yourself. We have served organisations like the Appointments Commission, BBC and the RSPCA in transformational ways. Our smart thinking and varied skills in the team help create a one-stop shop for them, where leaders can expect to be understood and supported in their desire for change and creativity.

Leaders looking for new ideas and thinking will do well to listen to Michael Porter. And the cultural and ethical transformation he is calling for requires a new kind of consultant and thinking, which many from the 'old school' of profit and exclusivity will not be able to provide big organisations today. Be careful when you go to the same old big brand names in consultancy (you know who they are) to seek advice about creating shared value. You will do much better by talking to niche social enterprises like Diverse Ethics and achieve two things at the same time - help a small company and get priceless advice at a very affordable cost.

Dr. Atul K. Shah, Founder and CEO, Diverse Ethics

Article added on 21st January 2011 at 9:18am
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