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Wednesday, 29th November 2023



Social inventor and founder of Diverse Ethics, Dr. Atul Shah, is launching an ethical revolution in the workplace. He is speaking out, deliberately, because his intentions and actions are timeless and sustainable.

There is a tendency for professionals to not make a fuss - many believe it is unprofessional to stand up for your rights. One of the motivations for this behaviour is that most ethnic minority people simply want to get on in life - they genuinely want to fit in and be accepted. Very few are selfish, greedy or solely after power and personal status. They simply want to get on.

However, the reality of prejudice can mean that the silence costs - in terms of lost opportunities, loneliness, stress, early redundancy, bullying and harassment, loss of self-esteem. All that hard work and sacrifice for your professional career can reach a dead end, and you begin to wonder why it is happening to you.

And these worries can influence your personal life, family life and the prospects for future generations.

We encourage you to participate in such dialogues and to share your problems with us, and also solutions that you have developed which helps you to climb the ladder and deal with prejudice by creatively educating your colleagues or bosses. Sign up to our email newsletter and write to us with any ideas or suggestions, and comment on the articles on this website.

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