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Saturday, 24th February 2024

Diversity in the Civil Service

 Dr. Atul Shah introducing local government executives to Hindu culture by way of a Diverse Ethics guided culture tour
The above link shows details of a programme for University students from diverse backgrounds to have a paid internship in the Civil Service. There are details of case studies of individuals who have worked and their experiences of the programme. Special training is also provided during this time, with the aim of attracting the students to permanent jobs and also to act as ambassadors for the Civil Service.

This is a positive, practical example of how the diversity mix of staff in an organisation can be altered and barriers to entry and perception broken. It is not the only solution, as often there are barriers to promotion after minorities are recruited, but it is definitely a start in the right direction.

As we have maintained with earlier blogs, the real problem in the British public sector is with senior level recruitment and retention. This is often where diversity is weakest, and there are huge cultural and ethical barriers which need to be faced and addressed before there are results. This is a particular expertise of Diverse Ethics (the social enterprise that I have founded) and we would be very happy to help organisations implement sustainable practices to embrace diversity for the medium and long term.

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