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Saturday, 7th December 2019



Linked below are a range of true and fascinating stories about the India that lives in Britain and is transforming it every day. Have a look at any of the articles, and it will show you how the Masala Tour will transform the visibility of this community and enrich the whole nation in the process. These form an example of the kinds of people and communities we will be profiling, and the salient messages these will generate for the whole nation. Any media organisation which signs up to the serialisation of the Masala Tour will benefit hugely in terms of increased sales of the newspaper/audiences, greater long-term subscribers and loyalty, and a penetration into an otherwise hard-to-reach audience. You may also want to read about the facts of Indian migration and achievements in this country - this wikipedia article is a good summary, covering aspects such as population, contribution to GDP, to influences such as food, music and politics.

Article added on 29th July 2010 at 8:27am
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