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Thursday, 27th February 2020



Many people I meet are curious about my heritage, as so little is known about the Jains. In fact, it is very difficult to understand the values and culture which drives people from the outer skin or a short acquaintance. Also the approach of Diverse Ethics is very unique - it combines cultural diversity with ethical values and responsibility, providing very innovative and ground-breaking advice and guidance to our clients. Much of this thinking has been inspired by my Jain roots and heritage. Sonum Sumaria has very kindly produced this short film, which tells the story of the culture and philosophy which inspires my life and the work of Diverse Ethics.

The backdrop and setting for the film is the beautiful Jain temple in North London, UK, which is at Potters Bar in Hertfordshire, just off the M25 junction 23. It has five acres of landscaped gardens, and is the largest community centre for Jains in the UK. It is open to the public and you may visit on any day. Full details and directions are at the Oshwal Centre website.

The film is in two parts:



I welcome your comments on the culture and the film in the comment section below - and feel free to spread this link as far and wide as possible.

Article added on 27th July 2010 at 6:51am
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