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Friday, 28th February 2020



At Diverse Ethics, our focus has been on leadership development and training. There is a growing need across Britain of quality leaders from diverse backgrounds  to join Charities, Public Bodies, Social Enterprises and serve as Governors in Schools, Hospitals and Universities and Colleges. Research shows that few people know about these opportunities, and many do not have the support to take the first big step onto this important ladder. I am personally on two Boards and have found the experience very inspiring, and it has also helped the organisations considerably.

A Board member is like a Non-Executive Director, someone who helps shape the strategy and policies of an organisation, and ensures that it complies with regulations and manages its resources sensibly. Governance are not responsible for operational matters, and should not interfere with day to day activities of the organisation.

Have you considered building on your leadership skills, by joining the Board of a Public or Private organisation as a Non-Executive Director? The benefits of doing so are several and significant:

  • Improve your advisory, governance and strategic skills
  • Widen your leadership network
  • Learn to work smartly, without getting bogged down by organisational detail and administrative and operational matters
  • Limited commitment averaging a couple of hours a week
  • Build your leadership credentials and experience to help you climb the professional ladder
  • Do something meaningful by giving your skills back to public institutions

As Britain has such a diverse and sophisticated public and private sector, there are literally thousands of such opportunities. Many organisations really struggle to get good governors, with experience and professionalism.

At Diverse Ethics, we have developed sound skills and experience in this area, and our team members have themselves been on National Boards and have researched and written about these issues for many years. We did some exceptional work with the Appointments Commission to widen their appeal and encourage ethnic professionals to join Public Boards. We have also successfully helped individuals onto major Public Boards through one-to-one guidance and support. Linked below are some of the articles we have written on this theme and the work we have done.

As each person is different, we are now introducing a dedicated bespoke professional service to help individuals and guide them through the application process, covering themes such as:

  • Review your CV and skill set
  • Choosing appropriate and relevant Boards for you
  • Review and give constructive feedback on your Application Form
  • Explain how you can find suitable opportunities, and where to look for them
  • Provide you with interview skills and guidance
  • Induction training for the Boardroom
  • On Board coaching and mentoring

We can develop a bespoke package for you, depending on what help and support you need and the length of time you wish to use our advisory services. We can provide a free 30 minute introductory telephone meeting to understand your needs and expectations, and explain our services.

Linked below are a number of articles and case studies of the work we have done in this area.

We are simply a phone call or email away. Tel: 07804294903

Dr. Atul K. Shah

Director, Diverse Ethics Ltd.

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