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Thursday, 27th February 2020


Research has shown that diversity is complex, and organisations must invest in leaders and managers awareness and understanding of cultural difference - this is a legal obligation, and very beneficial for leadership development in an increasingly globalised world. Diverse Ethics is widely known for its exceptional guided tours. Leaders have had experiences of festivals, food, and participation in community events and meeting people in their own 'home ground'. The above pictures show aspects of previous tours we have organised - the Hindu Temple in Neasden (top left), North London, The Jain Temple in Potters Bar (bottom left), and the Sikh Gurudwara in Southall (bottom right). We can run these either bespoke for your organisation or generically for clients from different organisations coming together on one day. It would take about five hours of your time, include lunch, guided visits, and a dialogue at the end, to convert the experience back to your work priorities and agendas.

Here are some of the comments we have received so far:

'The tour opened a whole new world of growth and opportunity for us.' Roy Clare CBE, CEO Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

'Experiencing culture first hand is a memorable way of learning about the great joy and strength of diversity, and Diverse Ethics is excellent at giving people an intimate experience.' Martin Rayson, HR Strategist

" A multi-dimensional experience which is at once creative, thought-provoking, inspiring and uplifting." John Drummond, Chief Executive, Corporate Culture

" These communities enrich the very soul of Britain and bring ancient treasures of wisdom which can enrich all organisations." Lynne Sedgmore, CBE, Chief Executive, Centre for Excellence in Leadership

Tour Itinerary:

We can take the group for a day in Southall (west London), visiting a combination of the Sikh Temple, the Hindu Temple and the Mosque which are all within walking distance, and visit shops nearby to explore the different foods and clothes they sell. We can then have a dialogue about the learning from this experience, and strategies you could implement to embrace diversity in your own workplace.

Who will benefit

Policy Makers, Managers, HR professionals, Equality Champions,

Dates for next Guided Tour in Southall, West London

11am to 5pm - 14th September 2010, 14th October 2010

Cost - £150+ VAT per person, including lunch and donations to community centres. Payable in advance at time of booking. Group discounts for 3 or more persons at 15% per person. Bespoke tours can be organised for groups of people from one organisation.

To register, simply email us and we will send you payment information. If you prefer the phone, simply dial 0780 4294 903.

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