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Friday, 21st February 2020




Release Date: 14th June 2010

 A pioneering consultancy and website on diversity, www.diverseethics.com has launched a major new initiative to support ethnic professionals to join Public Boards. Working with the Appointments Commission, a seminar has been organised in London on 15th June 2010 to attract target candidates.

 Jo Nottingham, Head of Candidate Development at the Appointments Commission explained: “We are very keen to diversify the boardroom, and know how talented ethnic professionals are. By working with Diverse Ethics, we have opened a window into this community and are looking forward to this event to support them to become governors on Public Boards like NHS Hospitals, Primary Care Trusts and other Public Bodies.”

 Founder of Diverse Ethics and writer and broadcaster Dr. Atul Shah commented:

“This is a watershed event and we are really grateful to the Appointments Commission for their co-operation. Ethnic professionals often have strong public values and also the skills to become reliable and creative trustees on Public Boards. For the first round, we had a large number of applications, including over 55% ethnic women, who wanted to attend, and unfortunately, we had to say No to many people because of the limited numbers. However, the signs are all very encouraging and we hope to do more events in future.”


www.diverseethics.com is a website resource of articles and information for employers and employees to learn about the strength of diversity and draw from practical examples and true stories of people who have broken the glass ceiling.



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